Energy Storage and Advanced Manufacturing

Supercapacitor commercialisation project

Working with Graphene Solution, this two-year project is to develop the commercially viable prototype of graphene supercapacitor, which will transform the current energy storage technology based on batteries. We have developed a fully functional graphene supercapacitor pilot production line, which is designed to serve the small-scale industrial level manufacture of graphene supercapacitors. The facility is unique in Australia. The capabilities of the pilot production line are the following:

1. Roll to roll production of the graphene film

2. Cutting and slitting

3. Automatic stacking of the graphene electrodes

4. Pouch forming and sealing

5. Electrochemical characterization of the supercapacitor performance


The project is proudly supported by Australian Research Council and industry partners.


Broad applications of graphene energy storage devices

The graphene supercapacitors have the advantages of:

·        Fast charging

·        Long life cycles

·        Environmental friendly

·        Work in extreme environment

·        Safe

The applications includes:

ü  Renewable energy

ü  Self-sustained building

ü  Wearable electronic devices

ü  Electric vehicle or aircraft

ü  Medical devices

ü  Hearing aid

ü  Handhold devices and power tools




Energy efficient protected cropping

Novel glass and renewable energy in protected cropping

The goal of this project is to survey advanced smart glass and renewable energy technologies available worldwide, evaluating their cost-effectiveness through field trail, based on the energy and productivity requirements, and recommend optimal solutions for growers who wish to use advanced energy efficient technologies in their greenhouses.


We have found smart glass can significant reduce the energy consumption of the greenhouses and it is possible to fully compensate for the energy consumption by using renewable energy solutions, such as photothermal and photovoltaics.


Smart solar program

Nanophotonics solar pilot production line

The Smart Solar Platform program was officially launched as a joint venture between Swinburne University of Technology, Suntech Power and the Victorian State Government.  The program has achieved a platform technology that combines photonics, photovoltaics, nanotechnology and material science to push the boundaries of solar innovation. The program has developed a world class reputation within the solar research community that has led to the awarding of a number of major grants and fellowships worth >$25 m, as well as the forming of deep industry collaborations towards a transnational manufacturing strategy based on the technologies developed at Swinburne’s solar research facilities.


The project has been proudly supported by Australian Research Council, Victoria Science Agenda program, Science and Industry Endowment Fund and industry partners.