Enter the age of Atomaterials


Materials are the fundamental driving force of human society.

The development and maturity of smelting technology has created the first industrial civilization in human history. New materials like polymers and silicon, drive the rapid development of major industrial sectors such as automobiles, airplanes, and communications and benefit human society in an unprecedented way.


v  To become an international pioneer and leader in atomaterial research and translation

v  To tackle the key material challenges that humanity is facing

Mission statement

Ø Researching on the fundamental building blocks of materials at the atomic level, leading the global materials revolution.

Ø Closing the gap between laboratory research and industry, translating atomic research in environment, energy, information and health sectors, producing long-lasting social and economic impact.

Ø Promoting global collaboration between research and industry through the open lab platform.

Ø Establishing an innovative platform for industry-oriented research training.